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(ri dak’ shunz) n. 1. The acts or processes of editing or revising writings; preparations for publication. 2. Edited works; new editions or revisions. 3. A journal of poetry and poetics that is published every nine months and that welcomes: poems; poetry book reviews; translations; manifestos; essays concerning poetry, poetics, poetry movements, or a specific poet or a group of poets; and anything dealing with poetry. 4. Also a journal of fiction and creative non-fiction.


Redactions will be closed to submissions from July 15, 2013, to September 15, 2013.

Congratulations to the following poems, stories, poets, and writers whoe were nominated for the Pushcart Prize:

— Nathan E. White, “Assignment” (poem), Issue 15. 
— Derek Annis, “This Time of Year” (poem), Issue 15. 
— Thom Caraway, "Language Acquisition" (poem), Issue 15.
— Elise Gregory, “Benevolent Me” (poem), Issue 15.
— Sarah Cedeño, “Fledgling” (fiction), Issue 15. 
— Silas Hansen, “The Masculinity Test” (creative non-fiction), Issue 15.

You can read the poems and stories here:

Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose is closed to all submissions until January 2, 2013.

As we prepare for our move to our new home in Hattiesburg, MS, Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose will be closed to submissions from July 1, 2012, to August 31, 2012. Any submissions sent during that time will not be read and will be deleted.

Redactions: Poetry & Poetics is now Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose. Issue 15, which is due out in April 2012 (you can pre-order here:, will feature fiction, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction.

We are now open to fiction, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction submissions. Please read our guidlines on the Submission and Ordering page.

Please use the appropriate prose submission email address for prose submission, and use the appropriate poetry email address for poetry submissions.

Two more poems from issue 13 have been nominated by outside readers for Pushcart Prizes.

The poets are poems are:
– Christopher Howell's "Mystery of Names"
– Lucille Lang Day's "Journeys"

Once again, Verse Daily has found a wonderful poem in Redactions to feature. Today it's Jeff Tigchelaar's "One Way of Looking at Thirteen Blackbirds".

Check it out:

For the first time in nine years, Redactions: Poetry & Poetics closes its doors to submissions. We will reopen the doors on May 15, 2011. All submissions sent in before May 15th will be deleted.

Editor Tom Holmes newest collection of poems, The Oldest Stone in the World (Amsterdam Press), is the first book release of 2011. Currently it is available for sale at Etsy here.

To see what people are saying, go here.


The I-90 Poetry Revolution Begins

I-90 Manifesto

Submissions for the I-90 Poetry Revolution begin today. Please send in poems in the spirit of the I-90 Manifesto, which is located here: or here:

DO NOT send in poems about I-90 or roads unless they are in the spirit of the I-90 Manifesto.

The deadline is 3-1-11.

Sean Thomas Dougherty is the new guest editor for Redactions: Poetry & Poetics issue 14.His latest books include Broken Hallelujahs (BOA, 2007) and Sasha Sings the Laundry on the Line (BOA, 2007).

Issue 12 is now available for online purchase at, Soon all issues and subscriptions will be available here.

Editor Tom Holmes chapbook The Oldest Stone in the World, a five-time finalist in chapbook contests, placed third in the Flip Kelly Poetry Prize 2009. As a result, Amsterdam Press will be publishing the manuscript.

Someone on the Board of Contributing Editors for the Pushcart Prize nominated James Doyle's poem "The God of the Normandy Coast" for the Pushcart Prize. The poem first appeared in Redactions issue 11, 2009. Congratulations James!

Editor Tom Holmes was nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize. The poems, from Henri, Sophie, & The Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound: Poems Blasted from the Vortex, are:
— The Troops Dig Graves with Their Helmets
— “A Corpse of Vortices” – Sophie’s Last Coherent Journal Entry to Henri from the County Mental Hospital, Barnwood Rural District, Gloucester
— While Refuged at Sophie’s Cottage as Bombs Fall on London, Nina Hamnett Pens a Postcard to Wyndham Lewis

Editor Tom Holmes and Donna Marbach, of Palettes & Quills will be co-running a chapbook contest.
Prize: A $200 cash award plus 50 copies of the published book. Additional copies will be available at an author’s discount. All finalists will receive one free copy of the published book. All contest entrants will be offered a special discount on the purchase price of the published book.
Judging: Final judge is Dorianne Laux.
— For Guidlines, go here: Palettes & Quills.

Congratulations to the following poems and poets that were nominated for the Pushcart Cart Prize:

— Paisley Rekdal, “Body of Stuffed Female Fox, Natural History Museum”, Issue 12.
— Maria Melendez, “To Survive Inside the Wheel of Days”, Issue 12. 
— Christopher Kennedy, "Rara Avis", Issue 12.
— Sean Patrick Hill, “Sometimes I See My Country”, Issue 11.
— Jeannine Hall Gailey, “When Asked Why I Write Poem About Japanese Mythology”, Issue 11. 
— Bill Carpenter, “Luke”, Issue 12.
Rob Carney was the guest editor for issue 12.
Issue 12 is due out in December 2009.

Editor Tom Holmes' book Henri, Sophie, & The Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound: Poems Blasted from the Vortex is released from BlazeVOX [books]

Editor Tom Holmes' poem "'A Corpse of Vorices'" appaears on Verse Daily.

Editor Tom Holmes' Henri, Sophie, & The Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound: Poems Blasted from the Vortex accepted for publication from BlazeVOX Books. Due out in Fall 2009 or Spring 2010.

• Congratualtions to the Redctions poets whose poems appeared on Verse Daily (
— James Grabill, February 13th, 2009: with his poem "Astrologia".
— Brian Diamond, February 11th, 2009: with his poem "Sense".
— James Doyle, February 9th, 2009: with his poem "The God of the Normandy Coast".

A Question of Aesthetics for Issue 12 (Fall 2009)

Redactions Poetry & Poetics newest question of aesthetics is concerned with the lyric. We are looking for responses to one or all of the following questions:

— What happened to the lyrical poem in contemporary American poetry?
— Why is it disappearing?
— How has the lyric lost its prominence?

Please send a 200-500 word response to redactionspoetry(at) (replace "(at)" with "@"). Please send as a Word attachment, .rtf attachment, or paste in the body of the email.

Please share this question with those who you think it might interest.

You can also send 3-5 lyric and/or non-lyric poems as well.

Deadline May 2009.

Happy 95th birthday to Vorticism.

Vorticism was a defining moment in Modernism. It heavily influenced art, sculpting, writing, and even photography. The main ring leaders were Wyndham Lewis, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, and Ezra Pound.

It is on December 19, 1913, when Ezra Pound first uses the word "Vortex" to describe the artistic energies in London. He used it in a letter to W. C. Williams: "You may get something slogging away by yourself that you would miss in The Vortext" that is going on in London. Six-and-a-half months later the "great MAGENTA cover'd opusculus" BLAST would appear.

Ezra Pound first conceived of Vorticism in the rotary plow when he was child leaving Hailey, Idaho, in the Blizzard of '87. His first use of the word "Vortex" was in the poem "Plotinus" in 1908. But to describe the powerful artisitc movement, it was 95 years ago today — December 19, 1913.

Editor Tom Holmes' poem "For Her Waking" appaears on Verse Daily.

• Editor Tom Holmes' Pre-Dew Poems has been released from FootHills Publishing.

• Congratualtions to the Redctions poets whose poems appeared on Verse Daily (
— Tricia Asklar, July 14th, 2007: with her poem "The Rule of Geese".

Editor Tom Holmes' Negative Time has been released from Pudding House.

Mike Dockins' poem "Dead Critics Society" has been chosen by Heather McHugh for inclusion in The Best American Poetry 2007. "Dead Critics Society" first appeared in the Atlanta Review. It also appeared on Verse Daily on April 10, 2006.

New email address: redactionspoetry @

Mike Dockins book Slouching in the Path of a Comet has been accepted for publication. Due out in early 2007 from Sage Hill Press. Preorder at

Poetry Assignments: The Book by Tom Holmes. Due out in early 2007 from Sage Hill Press. Tentatively priced at $20. Reserve a copy now, and receive a 40% discount. Contact Sage Hill Press at: Offer expires during the AWP conference.

• Congratualtions to the Redctions poets whose poems appeared on Verse Daily (
— J. P. Dancing Bear, July 29th, 2006: with his poem "On Falling and Failing".
— Dawn Lonsinger, July 5th, 2006: with her poem "Afternoon Ether".

Redactions is currently seeking submissions for Gemaldegedicht — a poem inspired by or based on a painting. Submissions for this will end in October 2006.

We are no longer accepting mythic poem submissions for the mythic issue. But we are still and always reading and accepting submissions of poems, essays, books, interviews, etc.

• Congratualtions to the Redctions poets whose poems appeared on Verse Daily (
— Michael Robins, December 29th, 2005: with his poem "Gray Gone Missing".
— Linda Cooper, December 26th, 2005: with her poem "Ponderous Borer".
— Susan Denning, December 25th, 2005: with her poem "Prayer".
— John Whalen, December 21st, 2005: with his poem "Fiber Optics".

Congratulations to co-editor Mike Dockins and his poem "Letter to Claus from Walnut Creek" which has been nominated for a Pushcart prize by West Branch.

•Redactions is currently seeking submissions of mythy poems for its next issue. We are looking for myths created by the poet, a retelling of old myths, or poems with a mythic feel about them. Science poems might also fit into this category. For more information see submission guidelines, or e-mail us at:

Get our issue 4/5 bumper stickers, issue three t-shirts, and "Kiss My Assonance" t-shirts and thongs here:

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